Paper Crafts | Gifts to make with Paper

Whether they’re cut, folded, pasted, or printed, paper crafts are easy to make and fun! Here are some ideas guaranteed to inspire. Let’s have some fun creating some beautiful handmade cards, gift boxes or photo albums!

How to make a candy box | Paper crafts
Christmas Tree Explosion Box | Christmas Card
How to make Christmas card.

How to make a Shaker Card | DIY Paper Crafts

How to make mini notebooks | Recycled Crafts
How to make an Accordion Mini Album.
How to make a Camera Box | Mini Album
How to make an Explosion Box.
How to make an Explosion Box.
How to make a Slider Card for Valentine’s Day.
How to make a Squash Book Card.
How to make a Squash Book.
How to make a Greeting Card | Birthday Gift
Easy Paper Box & Candle Holder | Valentine’s Day Gift
Paper Gift Box - DIY Paper Crafts
Easy Paper Box | Valentine’s Day Gift
Paper GIft Box - DIY Paper Crafts
Paper Heart | Last Minute Gift Cards for Valentine’s Day.
Paper heart - DIY Paper Crafts
Despicable Me | One in a million card
Origami Minion Card - DIY Paper Crafts

Everyone has a lot of paper at home but few of us know that paper is a source of never-ending fun and creativity. Paper is such a versatile crafting material. Discover fun ways to craft with it, basic crafting skills, and tips to get you started.

Crafts with paper are some of the easiest craft activities you can do with your kids. All you need are some basic craft supplies – paper, scissors, glue.

Learn how to make Fun Fold Cards, Cool Cards, Joy Cards, Handmade Birthday Cards, Gift Boxes, Explosion boxes, Photo Albums etc.

It really means a lot when someone sends you a card, made by hand because they were thinking of you, wishing you well or they want to thank you for being you on your birthday. It is awesome to make handcrafted greeting cards. You are making someone happy- which makes you happy and it is fun.